Person to Person Communication

To safeguard the Guests, Caretaker and Cleaner

1. Host will have sent a copy of the welcome pack to guests before their journey outlining all aspects of their stay

2. Check-out time is now 09.30 a.m. and check-in time is now 4.00 p.m. This enable the cleaner to leave the house at least 3 hours before arrival

3. Guests check in by accessing the key safe. They will have been told the code previously

4. Guests will text or phone the host on arrival to confirm they have arrived and are in good health and the host will inform the caretaker.

5. Caretaker does not go into house while guests are staying

6. Host will send a text to the guests the day before their arrival to check they are all in good health

7. Guests communicate with caretaker by phone, or in the front courtyard at a distance of 2m or more

8. Caretaker to no longer provide milk in the fridge for guests

9. Cleaner will leave welcome pack out for guests

10. Should any essential maintenance be needed during the stay, that can not wait until the next changeover, any worker will only go into the property when the guests are not there, and will use PPE to protect surfaces

11. Guests should stay inside the property when the gardener or window cleaner is there

12.Host will send a text to the guests the morning of their departure to check they are all in good health

To safeguard the cleaner(s)

1. The cleaner reports to the cleaning company if she/he feels unwell and self isolates

2. The cleaning company provided alternative cover

3. The cleaner only enters the property after guests have vacated the building

4. The cleaner uses PPE. Gloves, apron and face covering if needed

5. If there is more than one cleaner, they maintain social distancing throughout and don’t bring their children with them to the cottage

6. The guests put all bagged rubbish in the bin shed before they leave

7. The guests strip their bed linen, bath mats and towels and put in bag provided before they leave the property.

8. The guests leave their last load CLEAN in the dishwasher to indicate it is clean

9. The guests leave the windows open before they leave the property

10. The guests leave the property before 09.30 a.m.

11. The guests do not arrive before 4.00 p.m.

To ensure the cottage is cleaned effectively

1. A cleaning plan is created that must be followed on every clean

2. A checklist is filled in and left in the property (laminated so it can be wiped and re-used)

3. The cleaning company keep all completed cleaning plans

4. Linen will be washed at 60°

To safeguard the guests

1. The host provides hand sanitiser in the porch

2. The cleaner sanitises the key safe box and keys

3. No food remains are left between guests

4. A sealed welcome pack includes hand sanitiser, cooking oil, tea, coffee, sugar and UHT milk enough for 6 beverages, and a bottle of wine

5. Un-used toilet paper is quarantined between stays

6. Paper hand towels are provided in the downstairs cloakroom and the kitchen

7. Guests are to use their individual towels in the bathroom and shower room

8. Between stays remote controls and hairdryer will by disinfected

9. No paper information will be left in the house, unless laminated. Laminated notices will be wiped between stays. All information will be sent by email

10. The water system will have been flushed through and showers disinfected before cottage is re-opened on 04 July 2020

In the case of a guest becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 during their stay

1. They should phone the host 07736420853

2. If the party is able to get home immediately, they should do that and report to NHS111 at home to get tested and to quarantine for 14 days. NHS provision in Cornwall is very spread out. The hospital is more than an hour away

3. If the party cannot get home safely, they should phone the host, phone NHS111 and all prepare to quarantine in the cottage. Guests in this situation will be charged for any extra days stay so that the guests following them can be re-imbursed

4. Any extra cleaning processes will be charged

5. If clean linen, food, medicines or extra cleaning supplies are needed, they will be left at the front door.

6. A cleaning kit, including a body fluid cleaning pack is available in the cupboard under the kitchen sink if required.

7. The government poster will be displayed in the cottage

Covid-19 Refund policy

a) If the Renter or any member of the party has symptoms of Covid-19 less than 14 days before the date of hire, the Renter should cancel and the Owner will give a full refund.

b) If the Renter or any member of the party has symptoms of Covid-19 during the stay, the Renter should contact the Owner, and if possible, go home immediately. There will be no refund.

c) If the Renter or any member of the party has symptoms of Covid-19 and cannot go home immediately, the Renter must contact the Owner, and quarantine the whole party inside the property for 14 days. The Renter will be charged rent for all the extra nights stayed, and for any extra cleaning processes on top of the usual clean.

d) If a Renter has to quarantine in the property for longer than their booked stay, the Owner will give a full refund to the subsequent Renter(s).

e) If the Renter is not able to travel in the case of a further national or local lock-down, the Owner will give a full refund.